Work in Lithuania, work in Latvia, and work in Estonia – more and more people are looking for the job places in these countries. We offer you not just a vacancy in the prosperous and successful project, but also guarantee a job with a high salary, career growth, monetary rewards, and trips abroad.

You work at home or in any other places where you feel comfortable, use the computer and surf the Internet, communicate with your partners and clients, and in exchange you get paid on your bank card every 3 weeks.

Work in the internet is your freedom and independence

  • Wherever you are. You can work at home, in the country house, on a picnic, by the sea, in a train or café. No matter where you are geographically. The main thing is to have a laptop and an Internet connection.
  • Family, hobby, fun. Our team offers you a unique opportunity to get wants and needs met – to establish a family business and work with your spouse together; to spend free time with your kids and relatives; to do favorite things and meet people with whom you share your interests; to celebrate holidays, corporate events with your team and go abroad together to attend the international events.
  • Business control 24/7. You can review reports and documentation, maintain the effectiveness of your team partners, give your advice and instructions online. At any time of day and night you can learn about the problem and solve it.
  • Time is on your side. You work when it is convenient for you, not for your chief. You relax when you want, and not wait for the desired vacation. Your personal interests are on the first place.
  • Unlimited opportunities. With the latest technologies and the availability of various Internet resources, your job will be easier and more profitable. Minimum time, maximum of useful websites and tools for fast and high-quality work are our offer.
  • Productive search of clients. Where to find clients who are ready to order your services or buy your goods? The most convenient and efficient way is the Internet search. Here you may find people with common interests in a few hours, make advantageous offer to your target audience and get the desired feedback. As of 2015, the monthly audience of popular social networks is as follows: Facebook – 24.5 million, Instagram – 10.7 million, Twitter – 7.4 million. Only imagine the scale of your potential clients and partners!
  • International business. Why should you limit the search of clients and look only for partners from your city or country? You have a real opportunity to reach an international level.

Our team works in

We are confident that people from other countries will also be interested in your offer. Now you have a chance to expand your business geography to the unlimited sizes.