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Dear guest! My name is Natalia Zhelonina and I am a happy woman and successful entrepreneur who realized what to do in life only when I was over 30 years old.

I have tried a lot of different ways to earn money (more than 6) but I did not succeed and decided to change my path and find work in the Internet. Do you know the proverb – Seek and you shall find? It is about me!

In 2 months of my active search I found the best variant ever – Oriflame company! It is a world-wide brand but earlier I did not see myself in such a business. After talking with my mentor and getting answers to my questions, I realized that success is waiting for me. I had to climb out of poverty in which my family was!

Why did I decide to join Oriflame company and establish Beauty Online Business Project?

1. There is no need to invest money (the income of my family was under the average one before registering into the team);
2. Official payments on my personal bank account (I pay 5% income tax and 22% from the minimal salary to the pension fund);
3. Free training;
4. Day-and-night support and assistance by experienced leaders and mentors (we communicate via Skype, social networks, team chats);
5. No sales of products to the third parties or optional (I never know how to sell products and, fortunately, the company does not require it. I only buy products here for my family);
6. Business can be inherited by my children;
7. I work when it is convenient for me (the best time for me is night). There is no need to go to the office, be engaged in delivery process and accountancy;
8. Opportunity to develop own structure in different countries (my partners live in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, etc.). My personal team consists of members from 12 countries;
9. Bonuses, rewards, trips at the expense of the company, recognition, friendly team!

Join our Internet project and work at home in the convenient place close to your family! This work can be your family business and your children will take advantage of it further.

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