Beauty Online Business Project offers you not only a remote workplace in a friendly team, but also free training courses in different directions – how to work effectively, how to develop and promote own brand, how to maintain and improve the state of health.

  • Registration. To start you need to become a member of Beauty Online Business Project. Press the button Register into the project and fill in all the fields.

    The registration is not binding (you may leave our project at any time you want).

  • Education. Our specialists elaborated a free training course for you. Under their supervision you need to put the acquired knowledge into practice.
  • Work.Due to the clear instructions you carry out the tasks and move on to the next level.
  • Profit. Your work will be appreciated. At the end of every third week you get the honestly earned money on a bank account (after reaching the Director level, but before your money is stored on your personal consultant number and it can be used to pay 50% of the purchase amount).

After the registration you receive

Participation in wellness health meintanance group

For several years the Beauty Online Business Project team experts in cooperation with the leaders of My Career Online and Express-Career Projects, among whom experienced dermatologists, beauty coaches, choreographers, physical therapists and even psychologists are, have been leading an exclusive course on healthy eating and sport. The access to these webinars is only for our project members. By joining us, you will also get a personal password and be able to ask questions to consultants directly, receive recommendations on your diet and share personal achievements with other project participants.

  • Result. Wellness products strengthen the immune system, provide with energy, as well as promote weight loss or muscle growth.
  • Safety. The formula of health eating is created by leading experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics. There are no GMO, chemical additives, flavors and food dyes.
  • Recognition. The positive effect after Wellness products are noted not only by our colleagues and clients, but also by the world-famous sportsmen, pop and movie stars.

If you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, feel younger, give up bad habits and give preference to the sport, you are to join our Wellness Health Maintenance Group. For 3 months the members of our group lose from 4 kg to 20 kg of excess weight, forget about allergies, poor sleep and fatigue.

Work in our team is

We improve the lives of our members and do it comprehensively – provide you with training courses, give a motivational boost and tools for your work, and maintain health and physical state at the appropriate level. Note that we do not ask to pay for your education.