We arranged a list of frequently asked questions and our answers. We are confident that the information presented in this section will come in handy to you. If you have other questions and want to ask them now, write to our e-mail or on social network. We are glad to communicate with you!

?Is it too late to start?
?If I need to cooperate with Oriflame, I will refuse your offer!
?Will I be forced to leave my main place of work?
?Do I need to have excellent computer skills?
There are no specific requirements. We invite people with different levels of education. If you do not know anything, we provide you with detailed video instructions. Believe us, that in one month you will earn real money in the Internet.
?Will I succeed in the project?
If you want to achieve results, you definitely succeed. The only thing you need to do is to START. We always have a choice – to act, earn money working at home, change our lives, or not move anything. The choice is not a difficult one, and in any case you do not take risks. So, decide whether you want to earn money in the Internet or not.
?Why do you help me earning?
If your income is getting higher, our income is getting higher as well. The bigger amount of people we help earning, the bigger profit we have. The same thing is with you. After the registration into our project and free training course completion, you will find your partners and help them get paid.
?What do I need to do within the project?
Previously you spent time on the various social networks without any profit for you. You played games, had chats with your friends, looked through the news feed. Now you get a chance to do such things but profitably. Your need to find like-minded people on social networks, provide them with the information about our project, as well as invite them to join your team. That’s all. Moreover, you will have a support from our experienced colleagues. You get all the elaborated instruments and instructions how to earn money at home FOR FREE.
?How can I get my money?
After the registration into our company, you receive a personal consultant number. You will store your earned money on it. Also you will have a personal account on the official website where you can monitor the cash flow and use money to buy goods and pay for the orders. The scheme of the salary payment is as follows: you receive salary on your registered bank account and withdraw money every 3 weeks. There are NO e-wallets. We work on a legal basis, pay our taxes, and make allocations to the pension fund.
?Do I need to buy a world of products, as it usually happens in such companies?
Forget everything you know about network companies. Within our project there are no obligatory purchases and sales of goods. We invite you to EARN money and we are ready to teach you.
?I use other cosmetics. That’s why I can not work with Oriflame.
We do not ask you to refuse using your cosmetics. But we want to know one thing. Does your company pay you for your loyalty? In our project you will get paid for using Oriflame products. Also we provide you with discount on all items in the catalogues. Our offer to you is to use discount, save your family budget and earn on it!
?Your products are of poor quality.
If you buy our cosmetics on the market, where it is stored under the sun or in the freezing cold, then we are amazed that you are still alive. Register into our project and buy products from the warehouse of Oriflame company at the best prices. You will be sure that the delivered goods are certified and of high quality. Also it is very important to choose the products which meet your individual needs. Before placing the order over the Internet, we recommend you to read the buyers’ reviews.
?I have allergy on your products.
Every person is individual. We want to ask some questions. Do you like pets? And do you like oranges? You will give a positive answer if you do not have allergy on them. But it does not mean that cats and oranges are bad things. Most likely, you applied cosmetics improperly or you have a sensitive skin. In such a case, it is better for you to try hypoallergenic products range for sensitive skin. Sometimes you can experience the allergic reaction if you use products from several manufacturers at one time. Take it into account for the future.
?Let’s consider the interesting experiment!
Once we conducted a telephone survey – What are you personally against network business? The result was amazing:
  • 10% said that they do not believe in network business and do not know where to find a good job with a high salary over the Internet;
  • 80% said that they are not against network business. They need to earn money now and not wait for a high passive income;
  • 10% said that they have already been working in network business and want to develop own affair in this direction.
?Network marketing is not prestigious.
You are absolutely right. Is it prestigious to get $1,000 only for clicking a mouse and working for several hours a day? Or is it more prestigious to work for 8-12 hours a day and wait for a new law regulation regarding a pension reform? Our choice is a network business, and we are proud of our achievements.
?Maybe, you want to cheat me!
In our project there are no financial investments and any material risks. Everything that you will get in the process of work is provided by us FOR FREE. Our offer is unique – a stable job in international company, a high income, a serious business.