Our project offer is an official income paid to the opened bank account. We do not evade the government, do not give money in envelopes and do not pay it to the e-wallets. We guarantee that your income at home will be high, stable and legal.

Due to our members’ dedication, the Beauty Online Business team has developed an effective system of earnings, which brings real profits in the short term. Our team leaders convey this knowledge to all our participants, with whom we share dreams and desires.

How much will you earn?

There is no exact answer. And the fact is not that we are trying to hide information from you. The reason is that your income depends on your efforts, and we do not know how hard-working and active you are.

Someone is less successful, someone has succeeded more. We provide all our members with the same working conditions and tools, but the result differs. According to the statistics as of 2015, the average participant of our project receives:

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our company awards the project participants with cash bonuses. The minimum amount of such a reward is $100, and the maximum one is $1,000,000. This cheque is given to the participant every time when she or he has fulfilled the certain conditions of the company and got a promotion.

Just think! You take advantage of 20% discount on all products of Oriflame company, once per 3 weeks you get paid and from time to time you become the owner of a large sum.

How to get your salary?

  • Registration into the project. After the registration into Beauty Online Business Project, you will be registered into our structure on the official website of Oriflame company. You receive your personal consultant number, where your money is stored.
  • Active work. After completing free training, you go to practice and start your career growth. Until you reach the Director title, your salary is stored onto your personal account. You can pay by it for the purchases (50% of the purchase amount).
  • Registration of individual proprietorship. Upon reaching the Director title, you receive your first reward from the company – cheque on the sum of $1,000. You need to register your activity and get a bank card. If you have money on your personal consultant number, it is a time to withdraw it.

The individual proprietorship

The individual proprietorship can be opened before reaching the Director title. When your income exceeds your expenses on the purchase of goods and 6% tax payment, you can easily register a private enterprise. We would like to note that before doing it, taxes are paid by Oriflame company, but after you pay them yourself. By the way, there is no need to look for an office and buy furniture because with our project your office is on the Internet.

Now you are an individual entrepreneur with an official employment, record of work and stable salary every 3 weeks. The more active you work, the faster you reach new levels, get a reward from the company and increase your income!.