Veronika Ryabova, Russia

Today I saw an amazing surprise in my personal account – the Senior Director title is achieved! Of course, it is not a surprise because I have carried out the plan and known exactly when my promotion is to happen. But one thing is to know about that, and another thing is to see new status in a personal account! Many thanks to my super team! It is our joint achievement. I am grateful to Natalia Zhelonina, the founder of Beauty Online Business Project, and Anna Cherna, the founder of Express-Career Project.

In our team people build a career, develop own business and even give birth to children! Recently, my second child was born. Until I was able to pay great attention to our project, my team has been working and developing. Now my son is 5 months and I can back to active work. New titles and unforgettable trips with our favorite company are forward.

Anna Karelina, Belarus

I am 32 and I have 2 kids. My daughter is 13 and my son is 2 years old. Now I occupy the position of Manager. Before joining Beauty Online Business Project, I had to work at a shoe factory for 12-18 hours per day. I was so tired of constant fatigue that I decided to change my life.

Being at home on maternity leave, I have been actively looking for a job online. But I did not have computer skills and because of that I was afraid to join the project. After talking with my mentor, I realized that a person who does not know how to use a computer will wait for success for a long time. I took a decision to act and complete free training course. In just 3 weeks I have found out everything needed to work effectively. Now my goal is to achieve the title of Senior Gold Director and receive a monetary reward of $3,000.

Oksana Kuzminskaya, Estonia

In May 2014 in my social network I saw an invitation to become friends from Natalia Zhelonina, the founder of Beauty Online Business Project. She told me everything about work and I registered into the team which cooperates with Express-Career Project as well. I started my first steps. My mentors Ekaterina Subbotina and Tatiana Yarohovich always help me. At the very beginning I did not know what to do and whether I can achieve the results or not, but I believed them because we had frequent communication, they shared their successes. It raised my confidence! I have seen that the project really works.

Here I have an opportunity to unlock my potential, express my creativeness, meet interesting people and the most important I can dream about future and know for sure that everything planned will be realized definitively. I advise not to worry and go towards your dreams! Do not hesitate! You definitely will not lose anything!

Ekaterina Chernetsova, Russia

I am 37 and I grow up 2 sons: 12-year-old Sasha and 8-year-old Ilya. Ilya is a disabled child. Previously I occupied the position of the seller and teller before an issuing the allowance for a disabled child. This time I was offered to work at home online. Since 2013 I cooperate with the Beauty Online Business team.

Now I am the Senior Manager and my next position is the Director. I work at home in the convenient for me place, I have free schedule and can be with my family all time. During this period I have got financial independence. I paid all the loans for the construction of house. Now I confidently look forward! It is possible not only to live a normal life, but also to have enough means for Ilya’s recovery, trips to the sea with children. It is not the end, it is only beginning!

Lumdila Kostenko, Ukraine

Before Beauty Online Business Project I was a bank employee with 25 years of experience. But sometimes a crisis happens, sooner or later the age of 40 comes and we get a ticket to the unemployed life. Therefore, this project was a rescue for me. I work from home without the chief and morning alarms, and my income is unlimited.

I am the member of the project since 2012 and now I am the Director. For 9 months I got 2 rewards from the company - $2,000. My husband also has joined our team and together we run family business. Our children can inherit our business further. The project has an elaborated system of work and training. We are a positive, friendly, purposeful and successful team! For us you are an individual!